Welcome to Snowy Brook Farm

Snowy Brook Farm is a small farm located in the snowbelt of Erie County, New York. Our focus is to provide quality, NPIP certified started pullets and ready-to-lay pullets to the our local community and beyond. We also provide ducklings, goslings, chicks, and keets (all straight run only) on a seasonal basis. We take pride in our products and love on our small breeding flocks of standard chickens, bantams (mini chickens!), ducks, and geese. 

In addition to poultry, we also sell a variety of farm-fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year, and are currently in the process of building our apiary! While our selection is limited right now, we hope to expand our availability as our farm continues to grow 🙂

Products for Sale

We are a small business after all! Curious to see what we have to offer? Stop by the Farm Store to see if we have anything that makes your heart flutter.

Life in the Coop

Stay up to date on the latest adventures at Snowy Brook Farm in our “Life in the Coop” series.              

About Us

Want to know more about the people and the animals behind Snowy Brook Farm? Visit our About Us section to learn about the team.

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Interested in making a purchase? Have a suggestion for a product for us to produce on the farm? Visit the Contact Us section and fill out our online form.

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