Table Eggs

We sell farm fresh, pasture raised eggs for eating from our lovely heritage hens! The girls lay a wide variety of colors, and we do our best to include white, blue, green, beige, brown, chocolate, and speckled eggs in each carton. The range of color does vary by season as some breeds lay more persistently, depending on the season. Duck eggs come in shades of white, light green, and grey.

Our hens are fed a complete, locally milled diet and are given oyster shell to build strong shells. Each day, except for the dead of winter, we let the ladies out to range on over 5 acres of pasture and our orchard for any bugs, seeds, and plants they can find. Hens managed on pasture lay eggs with firm whites and richly colored & flavored yolks. We regularly have customers comment that our eggs are some of the best they’ve ever tasted!

Eggs are collected daily, washed by hand, and are kept refrigerated.

On-Farm Pricing – Chicken Eggs
$3.50/dozen for mediums
$5.00/dozen for larges
$5.50/dozen for extra-larges
$6.50/dozen for jumbos
$5.00/flat of 30 peewees & smalls

On-Farm Pricing – Duck Eggs
$4.50/ half dozen
2 dozen for $12.50

If you’re interested, you can call or text Amy at (570) 955-6809 to set a pick-up time.

We’re no stranger to large orders! If you require a large number of eggs, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Come visit us at the Hamburg Farmer's Market on the first Saturday of the month from May - October! In addition to eggs, we also sell our raw honey, seasonal vegetables, handmade beeswax lip and hand balms, and natural cold processed soaps.
This is a flat of small and peewee eggs, provided by our bantam hens and young hens just coming into lay. Young hens first lay peewee-sized eggs, which gradually increase in size with each egg laid until they weigh enough to be packed into our medium and large cartons.
Here are some eggs from August 2020, which is the peak foraging season for our hens. Look at those stunning yolk colors! Please know that not all eggs will have yolk colors that are this deep because each hen forages a little differently, and season has a great impact on yolk color. However, even our winter yolk colors are still a rich yellow.
Some of the gals and Clyde out for a stroll.
Our adorable non-bearded Easter Egger hen
One of our Black Laced Gold Wyandottes taking her job VERY seriously.