Ready-To-Lay Pullets

Ready-to-lay pullets are young laying hens. They provide an opportunity to start egg production in short order as your new flock or expansions to your current flock. These pullets are between 5-6 months of age and trained to perches, nest boxes, and pasture. We know our flocks are ready for sale once egg production reaches 10%, indicating that most individuals will lay within a month of purchase. Some of the later bloomers, like Wyandottes and Easter Eggers, may take an additional 1-2 months to come into lay. 

 Generally, with fall ready-to-lay pullets, some will lay in fall while others will wait until daylight patterns increase in January/February. Spring ready-to-lay pullets will increase production and lay clear through fall, taking a break to molt during the winter months.

Ready-to-lay pullet availability varies, with most being available in the late summer/early fall. 

We update this page every Sunday, so feel free to check back in to see what we have ready for your coop!

We will share available breeds below

No breeds currently available to show.
We will update this page starting in late summer 2024.

This flock of pullets is grown out from hatchery stock, and the hatchery is NPIP-certified. This means that the chicks were sourced from breeder flocks that were free of Salmonella Pullorum-Typhoid and Avian Influenza, while monitored to be free of Salmonella Enteriditis (SE). All birds have been hatchery vaccinated for Marek’s at day of age. The ladies are currenly being fed a locally milled layer pellet.



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