We have a website!!!

A picture of our website in case you didn't know we had a website

Thanks to a rare weekend where the CEO was out-of-town, I was able to take a moment of respite and  play Overwatch work on developing a website for Snowy Brook Farm to share the latest news, current products, fun stories, and maybe some cute chicken pictures every now and then. Admittedly, it’s probably a little early to be needing any sort of dedicated website, but if we’re going to be a small business one day, we might as well hit the ground running! While our first year living here may be slim pickings in terms of things to sell, we hope to be able to expand our selection and availability starting next spring.

Hehe… Amy probably thinks I’ve just been playing Overwatch all weekend. She’s currently stuck in Virginia with a flat tire, so hopefully surprising her with this at 3am will be a bright spot in her day