Ducks and Geese


How ordering works: If you see anything below that makes your heart flutter, let us know by phone or email and we’ll reserve those birds for you. We will schedule a date and time for pick-up at the time of your order placement. All live bird orders require a 25% non-refundable deposit.

Our duck breeding flock being led through their first snow by the intrepid Goosey.


We keep a very small duck breeding flock consisting of the following breeds: Cayuga, Swedish, Buff, Fawn Runner, and Crested Pekin. Because our ducks are very flock-bound, we allow them to live together rather than in separate breeding groups. Therefore, ducklings may be pure Cayuga, Blue Swedish, Black Swedish, Silver Swedish, Pekin, or any mix of Cayuga, Swedish, Runner, Buff, and Pekin. We have two choices for purchasing ducks: as ducklings or as started ducks. All ducks are hatched on-farm. 

Our ducklings are raised to 3 days of age to ensure they get off to a good start before going to their new homes. Ducklings are sold straight-run only, and breed availability is dependent on what hatches. All duckling orders are first come, first served. Generally, ducklings are the most impressionable and easily trained when they are young. We hatch ducklings to be available in May-June, but only have one scheduled flock for 2024. If you’re interested in a flock of at least 10 ducklings outside of the date below, we can custom hatch them for you. 

Our started ducks are raised to 8 weeks of age before they’re ready for their new homes. By 8 weeks, they are about 2/3 grown, fully feathered, and are reliably sexed. In 2023, we will only have one flock of started ducks for pre-order, available in July.

Most ducks lay jumbo eggs with strong shells, tight whites, and large yolks. Because of the larger proportion of yolk to white and their larger size in general, they are sought after by bakers for their richness. Heritage breed ducks begin to lay around 6-8 months of age, supplying 100-180 eggs/year. 

Ducks can be excellent foragers, gingerly picking seeds from weed heads or rooting through the grass and leaves to look for snails and other delicacies. They’re entertaining, and find joy in ponds, streams, and puddles. They will need clean water available at all times so that they can dunk their whole head in to wash out their eyes and nostrils on a regular basis. If you don’t have a pond, stream, or kiddie pool for them, a bucket will do!


The photos above provide an example of the duck varieties we have available in a given hatch – left to right, top to bottom: Blue Swedish, Cayuga, Blue Swedish x Cayuga, Blue Swedish x Pekin, Black Swedish, and Silver Swedish. Not all hatches will have all varieties.

One of our groups of ducklings and goslings from our 2022 hatch.

Number Available: 
April 26th – 28th: Sold out

Started Pullet Ducks 2024
Number Available: 
July 12th – 14th: 6

Started Drake Ducks
Number Available: 
July 12th – 14th: 12


Ducklings – Straight Run: $8/each
Started Pullet Ducks (Female): $30/each
Started Drakes (Male): $12/each


Two of our goslings, grown out to 16 weeks of age. All goslings are grey and yellow and will turn white with some grey flecking.

Our goslings are the offspring of our Classic Roman male and Toulouse female. They are smaller geese (about 15 pounds fully grown), and are less vocal than Chinese or African geese. We have had our clients compliment how easy they are to socialize as goslings, making for friendly guardians and farm pals.

The breeding season for geese is quite short, and a pair will only provide 20-30 fertile eggs each season. The eggs can be consumed and are about 5 times the size of a chicken egg. Their heavy shells make them excellent choices for crafts.

While many opt to keep one goose in their flock, we recommend keeping two or more so that they have someone else in the flock who speaks their language. Geese are highly social and bond for life, especially males and females, which will pair bond. Having two or more geese will also decrease the chance of aggressive encounters between the geese and other birds in the flock. 

Goslings are sold straight run only and are available May 1st – June 30th, but may be available sooner or later, depending on how soon Lady Goose comes into lay.

All reservations for geese are for goslings only. We will put your name on a waiting list, and the goslings will be first come, first served. We’ll be taking reservations for 12 goslings in 2024. If you have a preference for date, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate. 

 Number Available (estimated): 
May 2024: Sold out
June 2024: 4 available 



Zach and one of our 2022 goslings.
Our breeders will come when you call, especially if they know you have snacks. Pictured is our Classic Roman Male.