Hatching Eggs

Ameraucana Easter Egger
F1 Olive Egger
Buff Orpington
Farmer's Choice Assortment

Hatching eggs are sold out for 2020. We will have eggs available again in March 2021

Hatching eggs are a great way to start your own flock or add to an existing flock. With the right temperature, humidity, and regular turning, in 21 days, you will witness the miracle of life!

Individual eggs: $2.50 each
Per 6 eggs per breed: $12 

Farmer’s Choice Assortment
Per 12 eggs: $20
**Can only purchase the Farmer’s Choice Assortment in 12 egg increments**

Hatching Egg Freshness
Hatching eggs are viable for 10 days post lay, after which point the potential percentage hatch will decrease. Did you know that eggs that are aged at 55F – 60F for a few days prior to incubation will have the best opportunity for development? The eggs that we sell for hatching will be between 0-5 days old and will have been stored at the temperature above. 

Once the eggs are received, remove them from their packaging and lay them on their sides for 12-24 hours at room temperature before placing them in a pre-warmed incubator. 

The No-Crack Guarantee
We guarantee that the eggs filling your order will be free of cracks at the time of packing. We only sell sound eggs, and candle each one to ensure freedom from defects. In addition to a nutritionally complete feed, our hens are provided with access to fresh pasture, free choice calcium, and supplemental vitamins and minerals to promote shell strength.

Egg Fertility Guarantee
We keep our breeding pens stocked with the appropriate hen:rooster ratio for each breed. Our fertility rate matches the standard for each breed, and we regularly check fertility throughout the season to make sure it stays where it needs to be. 

We cannot guarantee the sex of the birds that hatch, since nature will split the sexes 50/50 between males and females. That said, we cannot guarantee you will receive 50% males and 50% females either, especially if a small number of eggs are ordered. The more eggs that are ordered, the closer to 50/50 you will get. We liken this to flipping a quarter. A quarter which is flipped two dozen times is going to have a more equal ratio of heads to tails than a quarter flipped fewer times. 

Our hatching eggs are available from March – October.

Hatching eggs are available for local delivery and pick-up only.

Due to the high number of shipping and handling variables outside of our control, we have made the decision to no longer ship our hatching eggs. We feel that it is not fair for us to ship eggs and have them potentially not hatch due to rough handling, long transit times, and large temperature variations. Hatching eggs is a gentle and careful practice, and we feel that the best way we can get your newest additions off to their best start is to handle our eggs with care and hand deliver them to you.

If you are interested in a large number of hatching eggs, please give us a call to discuss scheduling options.