Zach is taking over Life in the Coop!

Hello all!

Amy is clearly very busy running the actual business. Fortunately, Zach the farmhand has managed to guess the password to the website (it was chicken) and will be taking over this blogging series so that you can participate vicariously in all of our crazy adventures! (note: you can catch up on our adventures through Facebook too but in a more eloquent, controlled, business-friendly prose if that’s more your style)

So what’s changed since… Mud Season of 2021? Well… the Eagles almost won a Superbowl, Square Enix finally made a good video game, and most importantly, we have more avian animals than ever before! The biggest change since 2021 has been the addition of ducks. Many ducks. 50ish. Now some may wonder what one does with 50 ducks. We’re still working on figuring that part out. But in the meantime, we’ve built them a pond! The pond is situated just outside my office window, so naturally morale is at an all-time high and productivity is at an all-time low.

Lots of other things to update you (i.e. probably my parents) with, but we’ll make this a slow drip to keep the content rolling over the next few weeks and take in all that delicious ad revenue. Note to self… find ad sponsors for website.

Happy Monday! It’s almost spring